Military Homecoming

Natalie messaged me the night before her husband was supposed to come home after an eight month long deployment, she was looking for someone that would be able to capture this incredibly special moment for her and her family. As a military spouse, my heart was with her. I was open that day so I jumped on the opportunity to be able to be apart of this for her. So the following day I met her and gave her the biggest hug and jumped into shooting all the little details from them facetiming their family to her daughters making homecoming sign for their dad that was going to be there soon. Every loud noise, we would go look up and see if it was their plane. We did this for a couple hours! After a couple planes we thought were THE PLANE. The moment had finally arrived. He had landed. We raced to the tarmac and waited for his appearance. When Natalie and the girls spotted him in the distance, they began running, I did too. We were all running towards the chaos, and they were finally reunited. Seeing the love and excitement on everyone’s faces was intense. I couldn’t have been happier for this family that had finally been reunited.

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