Self Portraits At Home

Being at home can be boring, but this might be the perfect time to practice some fun portraits at home! I used my iPhone X to take these photos and wanted to give some tips and pointers on how to take creative and fun self portraits while in quarantine! I didn’t want to use my professional camera because I know not everyone has a DSLR lying around but most people do have a smart phone! So here are some tips and tricks to take creative self portraits using your phone!

  1. Find some inspo on pinterest or instagram if needed! If you are not used to taking photos of yourself it can be hard to come up with ideas for self portraits.
  2. FIND GOOD LIGHTING, This is the most important! Utilize lighting to your advantage! When I am shooting indoors I like to shoot mid-morning to mid-afternoon for the brightest light to flood into my windows and give optimal soft lighting.
  3. Pick your outfit (or just a nice shirt) I was honestly wearing my pajama pants in these photos but you would never know! I personally love wearing white, grey, black, and floral prints.
  4. Choose your props! This is fun, if you have any plants, fake florals, books, glasses, coffee, crystal, anything to add a little pop to your photos will make it so much more fun!
  5. When shooting indoors, face the light, do not backlight, especially with shooting indoors, your phone is not able to capture as much detail and you will be extremely dark and washed out compared to being faced towards the light. SELF TIMER WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND <3
  6. Avoid busy backgrounds, try and find a simple area in your home!
  7. Avoid using portrait mode, portrait mode creates a fake bokeh effect and it sometimes will blur things meant to be in focus, such as the corners of your hands, shoulders, and hair. It looks much better using the regular photo mode!
  8. Get CREATIVE, for some of the photos I utilized an old white lace scarf to shoot through. I went outside and full sun for these photos to get the shadowy effect of the lace on my face to create a more interesting photo.
  9. Edit, I personally love editing with VSCO on my phone, If I am on the go, VSCO is my go to app for phone photos! It is super easy to use
  10. HAVE FUN! Take some photos you love of yourself, enjoy it, and I would love to see the photo magic you create!

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